Beginners guide: how to choose the ideal bike?

Whether for walking in the park, doing adventure sports, for the road, for the urban area, there are bicycles for each of the usual. Thanks to globalization and increased imports of these products, we have an immense range of models for all tastes, needs and pockets as well.

Among the most well-known variations of bikes are the models: speed, mountain bikes, hybrids, folding, comfort, leisure, etc. In addition, many differ by the rim, which completely changes the use for each purpose, such as rim 26, rim 27.5, rim 29, in addition to the type of suspension, whether in front, full suspension etc.

Therefore, for those who are starting in the universe of bikes, choosing the ideal model is extremely important to make the correct use, get the most out of the bike and not to throw money away. Therefore, we have separated some tips that can help you when making this decision. Check out:

For what purpose?

Many people end up buying a bicycle, just to find it beautiful in the store, however, it is necessary to analyze what is their need. Before buying a bicycle, it is necessary to define the purpose of use. Do you need to buy a bike to stay in shape? To be a means of getting around the city? For some extreme sport? Answering these questions, it will be easier to find the ideal bike for your need.

Know the most common types of bicycles

After defining the purpose of the bike, it is important to research the market, which are the options that best fit the intended use. You will find these types of bikes:

Comfort Bike or Hybrid: used for a simple leisure tour around the city or the park, without steep climbs or sudden descents. These are single-speed bikes, usually with coaster brakes.

Tandem bicycle: they are double bicycles, with two saddles and pedal sets for two people to ride together. They are widely used in outdoor parks.

Moutain Bikes: these are designed for off-road use. The tires are wide, handling is more stable, and a higher handlebar for the position of the body.

BMX bicycle: used for competitions on trails or tracks, these are lower, with stud tires.

Road bikes: these are designed to perform well on asphalt, and can be classified into two major groups: racing and walking. Race bikes are designed for speed. The strollers are designed for greater comfort. Check out our Road Bike Adventure blog for more tips and guides.

In addition to making the right choice for the purpose of use, it is important to test the bike to see if it is correct for your height and weight. It cannot be too high for you, allowing you to sit and get off the bike with ease.

The rim is also important. They are usually equipped with a 12-inch tire for children, and for adults with a 26 or 29 rim, which can be even larger for special racing bikes.

The ideal is to take a test ride with the bike before buying it, to see how your body adapts to it.

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